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Lankelma’s jack-up platform sets sail for Venezuela

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Marine 1Geotechnical specialist Lankelma has landed a prestigious job with its Combifloat C5 jack-up platform. The nearshore work platform, which is capable of operating in water depths of up to 18m, is on its way to begin work on the ground investigation for the new Puente Nigale (Nigale Bridge) over Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela.

Puente Nigale will be the second crossing of Venezuela’s largest lake. The link, between Santa Cruz de Mara and Punta de Palmas, is being built by Brazilian contractor Odebrecht and was designed by consultant Cowi. Lankelma is working for Venezuelan engineering consultant and contractor Geohidra to investigate locations for the foundations of the 10.8km road and rail bridge, which forms part of the new crossing at the Lake’s northern end.

Geohidra and Lankelma will use three nearshore jack-up platforms to drill boreholes to a maximum depth of 70m depth into the mudstones beneath the lake during the nine month contract. The Combifloat 18m by 12m nearshore platform, which has 27m long legs, will work up to 10km offshore on the project. Lankelma has also purchased a wireline deployable CPT rig from AP van den Berg in the Netherlands to combine the best offshore techniques with nearshore site investigations.

Eric Zon, Managing Director of Lankelma, said: “We are very excited about sending a first class work platform and a wide range of drilling and CPT equipment to Venezuela. Coupled with our highly skilled personnel, this resource allows us to offer improved nearshore investigation services to our clients worldwide. The expansion of our marine fleet is in line with the strategy of increasing Lankelma’s global presence, as well as expanding our specialist overwater capability.”

José Parra, Geoscience Manager of Geohidra, said: “We look forward to having Lankelma’s jack-up join forces with Geohidra’s three on-site exploration units: one geotechnical vessel and two jack-ups. Together we will work to make this job successful, adding it to our thriving collaboration with Lankelma and Gardline in this part of the world.”

Lankelma has also shipped a 6×6 21t CPT truck to Venezuela. The rig, which has been completely refurbished, will be used by Geohidra to carry out CPT as part of the onshore investigations for the bridge approaches.

“This was the first CPT truck we brought to the UK when we set up Lankelma,” said Zon. “Having served us well, it will be sorely missed by the UK team but it is great to see that it will have a new lease of life in South America.”