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Departure of Lankelma Engineering Director presents opportunity for senior geotechnical expert

Monday, May 12th, 2014

Lankelma Engineering Director Carlton Hall is leaving the company at the end of May 2014. After four years he will be returning to Hong Kong, where his new focus will be biased towards rock rather than soil.

Carlton’s departure has created an exciting opportunity for a Director of Engineering at Lankelma’s head office in Iden, East Sussex.

Carlton said the job offers a great opportunity for the right candidate. “The role at Lankelma gave me the opportunity to re-visit fundamental soil mechanics after a number of years of being involved in, primarily, the management of engineering and operational processes. The role has been a good exercise in using engineering and quality principles to increase the breadth and consistency of Lankelma’s services worldwide.”

He added that the current engineering and field teams at Lankelma are as strong as ever. “We have some top-class land and marine operators many of whom, at times, appear to be indelibly linked to a client’s specified requirements for a project! The engineering team is well balanced with a group of like-minded staff that understand the need to continuously look to improve Lankelma’s services.”

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