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New Minicrawler CPT rig gets to work

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Lankelma’s new Minicrawler Cone Penetration Test (CPT) rig hit the ground running on its first contract, a residential development project in London, in May.

The rig, which is just 758mm wide, can be transported by Ford Transit-type van to site and can pass through a standard doorway. It has a very quiet engine and chassis, making it ideal for noise-sensitive sites.

“The Minicrawler rig enables us to tackle even more sites with challenging access,” explained Lankelma Projects Engineer Chris Dimelow. “It is particularly useful on domestic contracts, where it can gain access through garden gates and garages. The 1t rig is also suitable for projects on rivers, canals, flood and sea defences and embankments, where access is often difficult for conventional rigs.

“The rams can also be removed from the tracks,” Dimelow added. “Using concrete anchor bolts, we can then carry out tests in areas of a site with even tighter access, without having to mobilise additional equipment. The rig can use our full range of cones and samplers and can also install instrumentation, such as piezometers.”