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All about the bass-ment rams

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

Working on behalf of Soiltechnics, Lankelma completed two piezocone cone penetration tests inside a basement car park beneath an office building in Wimbledon, London.

The basement rams are ideal for this site; the CPT equipment and generator were mobilised in two small vans to allow for drive-in access to the locations to set-up. The basement rams, positioned over concrete cores to 1.2m, were bolted to the concrete to provide the reaction force for the push.

The target depth was to 20m through London Clay, so Lankelma mobilised the lubricating module to help cope with the stiff and cohesive clays. By lubricating the rod string with water there is reduced friction between the rods and cohesive clay, allowing for a deeper push. Where the test would have refused at 5m with the basement rams being pulled from their bolts, this technique enabled the push to reach 17-18m.

Charlotte Murray (Soiltechnics) had high praise, “The fieldwork team were very friendly and informative…Office staff appear very knowledgeable and provide good support to the fieldworks staff”.

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