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Monday, May 8th, 2017

Meet the teamCPT Operator Martyn Waters joined Lankelma 14 years ago; since then he has carried out testing on projects around the world.

“Everyday is an adventure with Lankelma – no two days are ever the same,“ Martyn said. “I spend most of my time in field, performing a range of tests, from magnetometer investigations looking for unexploded ordnance, to more straightforward tasks such as water sampling.”

“One stand out project was when we carried out testing in the old vaults of the Bank of England in London, where gold bullion used to be stored. The first challenge was that the client had to core through 9m of concrete to allow us to carry out the test. We managed to gather some great CPT data – but no gold, unfortunately!”

Martyn said his favourite place to work in the UK was Bridport in Dorset and the South West in general and his favourite CPT rig to work on is UK2, Lankelma’s tracked rig designed for working on soft ground, such as marshland. “It was the first rig I worked on and still the best. After that, it would be the overwater rams – but only if we’re working somewhere hot.”

He added, that on a personal level, the best project he had been involved with was the nearshore investigation for the Puente Nigale, a new bridge over Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela, a couple of years ago.

“I’ve been lucky to work all over the world with Lankelma which has been great fun – this job was no exception and, most importantly, I met my future wife there!”