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Vibrating Wire Piezometer installation, Lancashire

16th February 2015

Lankelma’s road-rail truck completed several CPTs and installed a vibrating wire piezometer within the four-foot as part of a rail stabilisation project.

Rail embankment, Somerset and Hampshire

The 2014 winter weather resulted in landslips on a railway embankment which called for rapid mobilisation of Lankelma’s CPT rigs to evaluate the ground conditions.

UXO clearance, Beckton

The cantilever frame coupled with our mobile rams performed UXO clearance and CPT soundings of the bedding beneath the River Thames as part of London’s new sewage work developments.

Finsbury Park Station

Mobile rams performed horizontal CPTs at Finsbury Park Station as part of a structural survey investigation to improve disabled access into the station.

Minicrawler investigation, West London

Our minicrawler rig was perfect for testing in the urban gardens of London.

Lake Maracaibo crossing, Venezuela

Lankelma’s nearshore jack-up platform, Sandpiper, completed a detailed ground investigation across Lake Maracaibo for the construction of a new 10.8km road and rail crossing.

Seismic CPT, Falkirk

Lankelma carried out its deepest seismic sounding at Grangemouth Refinery as part works for the FREON replacement scheme.

MIP and magnetometer testing, Stratford

Our Membrane Interface Probe (MIP) was used to assess contamination in Stratford prior to large development works.

Videocone, East London

The video cone was ideal for use in identifying a potential ‘geological anomaly’ beneath a London sewer.

Magnetometer and pressuremeter testing, Wembley

Lankelma’s lubrication module was successfully trialled at Wembley Park allowing for deeper CPT penetration in stiff clays.