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Personnel Profile: Alastair Harman

Wednesday, June 9th, 2021

Instrument Engineer Alastair Harman manages Lankelma’s calibration laboratory, involving servicing and testing all of CPT test equipment and instruments. Since joining Lankelma over 10 years ago, Alastair has significantly improved the capacity and quality of the equipment used on site.

He has recently completed the design and construction of a new force standards machine for calibrating cones. “The calibration process we developed is highly accurate, with fully-transparent uncertainty analysis for the full range of forces experienced in the field, including temperature effects. It means we can give uncertainty values for any tip pressure greater than 66kPa or sleeve friction greater than 4kPa, which are traceable to national standards.”

Alastair is also a key player in Lankelma’s research and development, “We’re continually looking to improve equipment, techniques and the quality of testing. I enjoy being a part of that.”