Tracked crawlers

Tracked Rigs

Lankelma have three fully tracked rigs, our rubber tracked ‘bog skipper’ rig, our steel tracked box rig and our latest addition to the fleet, our hybrid plug-in electric crawler.

Ideally suited for:

  • Very soft/uneven soils
  • Peat bogs
  • Onshore marine environments

Hybrid plug-in electric crawler (UK23)

  • 13 tonnes
  • 20 tonne hydraulic ram set
  • Composite tracks
  • Can operate on plug-in electric or diesel engine
  • Suitable for working internally and externally

Data sheet – Hybrid plug-in electric crawler (UK23)




UK8 - Rubber Tracked Rig Option-1

Rubber tracked (UK8)

  • 18.5 tonnes
  • 15 tonne hydraulic ram set
  • Large footprint
  • High ground clearance

Data sheet – Rubber tracked rig (UK8)



20150521_142511 - Copy

Steel tracked (UK2)

  • 18 tonnes
  • 18 tonne hydraulic ram set
  • Large footprint

Data sheet – Steel Tracked rig (UK2)