MOSTAP sampler

The Monster Steek Apparaat (MOSTAP) soil sampler, roughly translated as Sample Stick Apparatus, is a 65 mm diameter sampler consisting of a cone with a cutting shoe at the base (0.2 m length), connected to a sample tube (1 m length). The MOSTAP allows the recovery of high quality, continuous and undisturbed soil samples 1.2 m in total length from discrete depths at each test location.

The device is connected to the standard CPT rods and pushed using the hydraulic rams to the predetermined depth. The cone face is released to allow the MOSTAP apparatus to be pushed to the specified sampling depth. As the 1 m sample is recovered it is wrapped in a nylon lining stocking and drawn up inside the plastic tube. When the probe is withdrawn the sample is retrieved and the sample contained in the 0.2 m cutting shoe is stored in a plastic sample pot. The sample tube is capped and sealed at both ends for transport and storage, and both sample components are labelled.

MOSTAP soil samplers can be used in both granular and cohesive soils with no spoil, or requirements to pre-drill. The samples enable visual identification and contamination testing (minimal contact with operators to avoid contamination), plus the following laboratory tests: Moisture Content, Atterberg Limits, Bulk Density, Oedometer, UU, CIU and CAU.