Water sampler

Lankelma’s insitu bladder pump water sampler allows for a groundwater sample to be taken using CPT equipment in as little as an hour. When compared with conventional water sampling in boreholes, our CPT push water sampler is not only faster but also cost-effective.

The cone tip is pushed to the specified sample depth and the tip dislodged. The water sampler, connected to a dual range bladder pump, is then passed down the rod string. Using a ‘squeeze’ technique, the bladder pump operates with gentle purging and sampling to fill the 500 ml sample containers with the groundwater. The controller allows the user to match the pumping rate to the well recharge rate, limiting the stress on the formation: a maximum stoke volume of 95 ml enables a maximum pump rate of up to 1.45 l per minute. The bladder pump also has applications with low flow purging and sampling which are required with flow rates as low as a few millilitres a minute.

The water sampler works well alongside Lankelma’s membrane interface probe (MIP) to take groundwater samples where contamination has been detected.