Testing services

The cone penetrometer is the central component of a cone penetration test (CPT). Our cone penetrometers are mounted to a series of steel rods, and pushed vertically from the rig to penetrate the ground.

Lankelma’s most utilised cone is our standard (CFI) cone which is deployed to penetrate the ground at a constant rate of 2 cm/s whilst measuring cone tip resistance (qc), friction sleeve (fs) and inclination, with the option to incorporate a piezo filter element (u2) to measure excess pore water pressure (piezocone).

We also offer a number of specialist cones that operate concurrently with our standard cone and can cope with varied geological environments. This specialist testing allows the evaluation of a vast range of soil parameters, and enables us to obtain samples and install geotechnical instrumentation.

For more information on our range of cone penetrometers, please contact us.