Push-in shear vane

The GVT-100 shear vane system is a sophisticated software-controlled device with a high precision torque sensor.

With a nominal torque of 100 Nm all standard but also customised vanes can be applied, allowing for the determination of the undrained shear strength of cohesive soils.

The rotational speed can be adjusted from 0.1° per second up to 40° per second, while the sampling rate can be user defined. According to the chosen vane dimension the software monitors the actual torque and calculates the resulting shear forces in MN/m2.

The measured values are graphically visualised in real-time and plotted against the rotational angle or time. Simultaneously all measured values, sample number and time are logged in a separate ASCII file.

Upon completion of the undrained shear test, a remould test can be undertaken with ease.

Corrected shear vane measurements are ideal for calibrating the more efficient and high precision CPT cone and pore pressure measurements to the Su(FVT) shear strength mode, and for verifying the use of cone friction sleeve measurements to assess residual shear strength Sur.