Video cone

Video Cone Viewing

Video Cone Option

Lankelma’s video cone penetrometer with a recording camera element allows both us and our clients to get a closer look at the geology. Sitting behind a sapphire window with adjustable LED lighting, this technology permits a clear view of the immediate material. With a penetration rate of 0.5 cm/s using the standard CPT equipment, the progress is viewed live, and recorded, via an external monitor on the CPT truck.

The image allows particles such as shells and sand grains to be distinguished easily, and small voids and gas bubbles can be identified. The recording software is being upgraded to include a graticule enabling grain size comparison on screen.

When used in combination with other CPT techniques, the video cone results can provide additional data to help build a ground model and better understand the ground.

The video cone is a reliable way to identify and map soil contamination and can also be used to identify and delineate chalk solution features, by providing a clear image of the boundaries between cohesive infill materials and the chalk, as shown in the video below: