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Nearshore Marine Services

Lankelma has completed a number of high-profile nearshore marine investigation projects worldwide, using our expertise in geotechnical drilling, borehole testing and CPT techniques in a range of marine environments, from the surf zone to 15m water depth.

We own a wide range of marine drilling and CPT equipment, including the Wison-APB wireline CPT system and our CompactRotoSonic rotary and sonic drill rig. This equipment, along with Sandpiper, our Combifloat C5 Jack-up platform, can be operated by Lankelma staff anywhere in the world. Alternatively, customers can hire the jack-up plus CPT, drilling and ancillary equipment as required, for their own use.

We strive to reduce the impact of our work on marine environments. This includes preventing any rubbish getting into the sea; using environmentally-friendly products wherever possible and minimising waste from our drilling and testing operations.

Click on the image below to watch a short film showing the combined rotary and sonic rig, along with the Wison-APB wireline CPT system, being readied for deployment on our Sandpiper jack-up platform.


Our overwater projects include:

  • Venezuela – Investigations for ‘Puente Nigale’, a new bridge crossing at Lake Maracaibo
  • Gulf of Guinea – Investigations to position an exploration platform
  • Guinea – Investigation for a port terminal extension
  • Hong Kong – Investigations for a combined bridge and tunnel crossing
  • Cameroon – Investigations on the critical path of exploration operations
  • Congo – Investigation for the placement of an offshore drill rig
  • France – IFA interconnector landfall
  • UK/France – Gridlink interconnector landfall
  • Ireland/Wales – Greenlink interconnector landfall
  • Denmark/Germany – Fehmarnbelt drilling, sampling and wireline CPT for new tunnel foundations
  • UK – Boston new flood defence SI

View our coastal and nearshore capability statement here.

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A selection of case studies can be viewed here.

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